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Niveau B2

Über den Kurs

Level B2 of Spanish according to the Common European Framework of Reference:


  • Advanced uses of the subjunctive

  • Passive voice

  • Indirect speech in different verbal tenses

  • Real, possible and impossible conditional sentences

  • Temporal, causal, purpose and concession clauses

  • Verbal periphrases (deber de, acabar de, volver a, soler + infinitive)


  • Personal and social relationships

  • Education, culture and media

  • Work and professional activities

  • Free time, leisure, travel and accommodation

  • Health, physical care and well-being

  • Shopping, stores and establishments

  • Food and restaurants

  • Computer science, science and technology


  • Actively participating in extensive conversations

  • Understanding complex texts about diverse topics

  • Expressing opinions and developing arguments

  • Narrating and describing in detail

  • Writing clear texts on various topics

  • Summarizing and reprocessing information from various sources

In summary, the B2 level focuses on enhancing effective and spontaneous use of the language to communicate effortlessly, with a high degree of grammatical precision and extensive vocabulary.

These are the 10 lessons that we are going to see during the course, however, the course does not only consist of these ten hours in class but during the week we ARE GOING TO WORK HARD with exercises, videos, messages .....

Day 1:

  • Review of the subjunctive in present and past.

  • Vocabulary about personal and social relationships.

  • Activities to practice language functions.

Day 2:

  • The passive voice.

  • Vocabulary about education and culture.

  • Reading a literary text and analysis.

Day 3:

  • Indirect speech in the past.

  • Vocabulary about the media.

  • Debate on recent news.

Day 4:

  • Real and impossible conditionals.

  • Vocabulary about jobs and professions.

  • Description of work routines.

Day 5:

  • Temporal and causal clauses.

  • Vocabulary about trips and accommodation.

  • Narrating travel anecdotes.

Day 6:

  • Purpose and concession clauses.

  • Vocabulary about health and wellness.

  • Role plays in health centers.

Day 7:

  • Verbal periphrases.

  • Vocabulary about shops and establishments.

  • Shopping simulations and complaints.

Day 8:

  • General review.

  • Vocabulary about gastronomy and restaurants.

  • Practicing language functions in restaurants.

Day 9:

  • Expansion of vocabulary and idioms.

  • Topics about technology and science.

  • Reading comprehension exercises.

Day 10:

  • Final evaluation.

  • Cultural activities.

  • Farewell.


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