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Niveau A2

Über den Kurs

Level A2 of Spanish according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR):


  • Present indicative regular and irregular

  • Recent past (acabar de + infinitive)

  • Pretérito perfecto (he cantado)

  • Pretérito indefinido regular and irregular

  • Imperative affirmative (speak, eat, write)

  • Verbal periphrasis (ir a + infinitive, soler + infinitive)

  • Ser and estar

  • Hay / Está(n)

  • Possessive adjectives (mine, yours, his)

  • Quantifiers (a lot, a little, enough, too much)

  • Comparisons (more than, less than, as/as much as)

Vocabulary and topics:

  • The family, professions and occupations

  • The home, furniture and household objects

  • The city, places, means of transport

  • Holidays, hotels, beaches, mountains

  • Work, the office, the company

  • Health, illnesses, symptoms and treatments

  • The environment, climate, natural disasters

  • Food, typical dishes, eating habits

  • Traditions and festivities


  • Make more complete personal presentations

  • Participate in simple conversations

  • recounting past experiences

  • Making plans and intentions

  • Describe people, places and objects

  • Understand simple texts

In summary, at A2 level, grammatical and lexical competences are extended in order to interact in everyday situations and satisfy basic communication needs.

These are the 10 lessons that we are going to see during the course, however, the course does not only consist of these ten hours in class but during the week we ARE GOING TO WORK HARD with exercises, videos, messages .....

Day 1:

  • Review of regular and irregular present indicative

  • Family vocabulary

  • Listening comprehension activities

Day 2:

  • Recent past (acabar de + infinitive)

  • House and household objects vocabulary

  • Speaking exercises about housing

Day 3:

  • Preterit perfect

  • City, transportation vocabulary

  • Role plays buying tickets, asking for directions

Day 4:

  • Regular and irregular preterit indefinite

  • Vacation and travel vocabulary

  • Reading comprehension exercises

Day 5:

  • Affirmative imperative

  • Work and office vocabulary

  • Practicing language functions (asking, ordering, advising)

Day 6:

  • Verbal periphrases

  • Health, symptoms and treatments vocabulary

  • Doctor’s office and pharmacy dialogues

Day 7:

  • Ser and estar

  • Environment and weather vocabulary

  • Written expression activities

Day 8:

  • Quantifiers

  • Food and typical dishes vocabulary

  • Restaurant role play

Day 9:

  • Comparisons

  • Traditions and festivities vocabulary

  • General review

Day 10:

  • Final evaluation

  • Cultural activities

  • Farewell


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