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IGCSE. Die Welt um uns herum

Über den Kurs

In the "The World Around Us" section of our Spanish language course, students will explore the rich tapestry of our global environment and how to describe it in Spanish. This segment of the course is designed to broaden students' understanding and ability to communicate about diverse topics, ranging from geography and nature to technology and urban settings. Here's what the section will cover:

People and Places: Students will learn to identify and talk about continents, countries, and nationalities, along with directions and compass points. This foundational knowledge will enable them to speak about the diversity of the world and its inhabitants.

The Natural World, the Environment, Climate, and Weather: The lessons will delve into vocabulary pertaining to the natural world, including ecosystems, environmental issues, and the different aspects of climate and weather patterns. This will equip students with the language skills necessary to discuss the planet's varied environments and current environmental concerns.

Communications and Technology: As technology is an integral part of modern life, students will become familiar with the Spanish terms for the digital world, including various forms of communication, documents, and texts. This will help them navigate and discuss the ever-evolving world of technology and digital media.

The Built Environment: This part of the course will focus on urban development, including types of buildings and services, as well as navigating shopping and urban areas. Students will acquire the vocabulary to describe urban landscapes and the services that are a part of city life.

Measurements: Understanding and using measurements is crucial in many contexts. Students will learn how to discuss size and shape, which will be useful in a variety of situations, from everyday conversations to professional contexts.

Materials: The course will also cover different materials, enabling students to describe objects and their composition. This knowledge is particularly useful when discussing products, art, construction, and more.

At the end of this section, students will be assessed with a final examination to evaluate their understanding and proficiency in the topics covered. This will ensure that they have a solid grasp of the necessary vocabulary and can confidently communicate about the world around them in Spanish.

Upon completing this section, students will be better prepared to engage in discussions on a wide range of subjects concerning the world around us, enhancing their ability to connect with Spanish-speaking individuals on a global scale.


Lesson 1: Introduction to Our Cities

In this lesson, we learn about cities, including vocabulary to describe the features of a city and how to talk about where we live.

Lesson 2: Shops and Businesses

We explore the different types of shops and businesses that we can find in our cities, from supermarkets to small boutiques.

Lesson 3: Public Services

In this lesson, we discuss essential public services, such as education, health care, and emergency services.

Lesson 4: The Natural Environment

We focus on the natural world around us, from parks and rivers to mountains and oceans, and learn how to talk about these in English.

Lesson 5: The Built Environment

In this lesson, we focus on environments created by humans, such as buildings, streets, and monuments.

Lesson 6: The Weather

We learn how to talk about the weather and how it affects our daily lives, from the clothes we wear to the activities we can do

Lesson 7: The People in Our World

We explore how to talk about the people in our lives and in our communities, including family relationships, friendships, and neighbors.

Lesson 8: Cultures and Places

In this lesson, we explore different cultures and places around the world, and learn to talk about our own cultures and places of origin.

Lesson 9: Communication

We learn about different forms of communication, from face-to-face conversations to email and social media.

Lesson 10: Technology in Our World

In our final lesson, we discuss the role of technology in our world, from mobile phones and computers to the internet and artificial intelligence.

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