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Progressive (estar +gerundio)

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In this course you will find numerous explanatory videos (in Spanish with English subtitles), videos/audios with listening comprehension exercises, texts for reading comprehension, PDFs, exercises for the improvement of the progressive in Spanish.The construction estar + gerund in Spanish is a verbal periphrasis that expresses an action that is in progress at the moment of speech and that has a temporal validity. → Use of estar + gerund ✓ a present action is in progress at the moment of speech; ✓ an action that occurs repeatedly; ✓ an action that is repeated for a certain time but is not habitual. → Formation ✓ Verb estar + Gerund (ar,er,ir) In this course you will learn how to use the progressive in: → Regular verbs → the gerund in reflexive verbs → The irregular gerundIrregular verbs with vowel change → Irregular verbs → Actions in progress → Temporary actions

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