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Learn Spanish with Mr Asshole

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You are going to read a text and answer a series of questions. Expressions you are going to learn: → Going through bad times → To have your head bashed in → Clutching at straws → Feeling at ease → To be burnt out → Taking it out on someone → Knowing how to behave → Funny on duty → Pair of balls → No-nonsense → Making a big deal out of it → Making a fuss During a difficult economic time in Spain, the author struggled to find a job. They sent their CV to various companies and visited temporary employment offices in search of work. They eventually accepted a job at a warehouse where they had to prepare the press for kiosks in Madrid. The author encountered a difficult coworker, Mr. Imbécil, who seemed to take out his frustrations on those around him. The author didn't let Mr. Imbécil's abusive behavior go unnoticed and stood up for themselves and their colleague. Eventually, the author decided to leave the job after confronting Mr. Imbécil. The next day, they went back to the agency to find another job and were assigned to sell insurance for the deceased. The author leaves off, suggesting that they will share more about this new job in a future post.

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