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The woman who bough me a cane to hit her children

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You are going to practice the → Imperfect → Indefinite → Perfect You will learn expressions In this slightly surreal story, the narrator shares an anecdote about their experience teaching Spanish to a wealthy Chinese family in Hong Kong. The family, who had lived in Argentina and spoke Spanish, hired the narrator as a private teacher for their three young sons. The lessons took place in a large mansion, where the mother would watch the classes through cameras. The narrator would entertain the children with jokes and tricks, but one day they misbehaved, causing their mother to violently slap each of them. The children remained silent, bearing the mark of the slaps, but the narrator burst out laughing, causing the children to laugh as well. Two days later, the mother gave the narrator a bag containing a cane, instructing them to use it to discipline the children. However, the narrator refused, questioning how they could possibly use it while being filmed.

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