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The vegan who killed jellyfish

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You are going to read a story and you have to answer the questions. There can be more than one correct option in each block. You will practise different verb tenses as well as learning certain expressions and vocabulary. Do the exercises if you want to take part in the class This story takes place in Menorca in 2013 and revolves around the narrator's friend, Alicia, who is a vegan. The narrator admires Alicia for her attractive, sporty, and fun-loving nature but struggles with the idea of being vegan themselves. The text then highlights the beauty of Menorca's beaches and the importance of visiting them. One day, the narrator, Alicia, and their friends go to a cove, only to find that the water is filled with jellyfish. While everyone is scared, Alicia decides to hunt and kill the jellyfish to prevent any harm. When questioned about her actions, Alicia justifies it as a means of self-defense. However, the narrator challenges Alicia's inconsistency, pointing out that her actions contradict her beliefs in veganism and animal rights. The story leaves the reader to ponder the moral dilemma presented in Alicia's actions.

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