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Spanish Course for Beginners (Hong Kong)

This course can no longer be booked

Basic course focused on everyday tasks and meeting immediate communication needs.

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Service Description

Throughout this course, students will gain a foundational understanding of the Spanish language, which will serve as a stepping stone for everyday communication and further linguistic development. The curriculum is meticulously designed to cover a broad spectrum of essential topics, ensuring a comprehensive introduction to the language. Lesson Highlights: Basics of Communication: Students will learn the Spanish alphabet, master basic pronunciation, and become adept at using common greetings and everyday phrases. This will lay the groundwork for effective communication in Spanish. Grammar and Verbs: The course covers crucial grammar points such as subject pronouns and the conjugation of the verb "SER." Students will learn to conjugate regular verbs in the present indicative, such as "HABLAR," "COMER," and "VIVIR," and use basic adjectives to describe objects and people. Vocabulary Development: A rich vocabulary is vital for language proficiency. Students will be introduced to words and phrases relating to family, possessions, numbers, time, daily activities, jobs, school, the home, and the urban environment. This diverse array of topics ensures that students can engage in conversations across various settings. Key Verbs and Structures: The verbs "TENER" and "ESTAR" are pivotal in Spanish, and students will delve into their usage. Moreover, they will practice constructing sentences with "Hay" (there is/are) and "IR A" (going to) for expressing existence and future plans. Practical Language Skills: Students will engage in listening and reading comprehension activities tailored to reinforce their understanding of the language in real-life contexts. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to practice spoken Spanish through conversation activities, ordering food, and discussing everyday scenarios. Cultural Integration: The course will not only focus on language mechanics but also provide a cultural context, allowing students to appreciate the rich tapestry of Spanish-speaking societies. This cultural immersion will come in the form of leisure activities that highlight the vibrant customs and traditions associated with the language. Language Application: Students will get plenty of opportunities to apply their knowledge through grammar and vocabulary exercises, as well as written expression activities. These practical applications will cement their learning and build confidence in using the language. Review and Evaluation: Regular review sessions wi

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  • 125 Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


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