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Shopping in Spanish

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Where we'll be diving into the colorful world of shopping.

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This lesson will provide you with key vocabulary associated with shopping, including types of stores, clothing items, and payment methods. Vocabulary (Vocabulario) Shopping (Compras) - The act of buying goods or services. Store (Tienda) - A place where goods are sold. For example, "supermercado" (supermarket), "librería" (bookstore), "tienda de ropa" (clothing store), "zapatería" (shoe store), etc. Clothing Items (Artículos de Vestir) - Items of clothing, such as "camisa" (shirt), "pantalones" (pants), "vestido" (dress), "zapatos" (shoes), "sombrero" (hat), etc. Payment Methods (Métodos de Pago) - How you pay for your goods, like "efectivo" (cash), "tarjeta de crédito" (credit card), "tarjeta de débito" (debit card), "cheque" (check), or "transferencia bancaria" (bank transfer). Price (Precio) - The amount of money needed to purchase something. Sale (Venta) - When goods are sold at a reduced price. Discount (Descuento) - A reduction in the usual price of an item. Receipt (Recibo) - A written acknowledgment of having received a specified amount of money for goods. Practice Sentences (Frases de Práctica) "Compré una camisa nueva en la tienda de ropa." (I bought a new shirt at the clothing store.) "¿Puedo pagar con tarjeta de crédito?" (Can I pay with a credit card?) "Este vestido tiene un 20% de descuento." (This dress has a 20% discount.) "El supermercado está de venta." (The supermarket is having a sale.) "Por favor, ¿me puede dar el recibo?" (Could you please give me the receipt?) Remember, practice makes perfect. Use these new words in your everyday conversations, and they'll become a natural part of your Spanish vocabulary. Happy shopping!

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