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Responsibilities & Tasks at work

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We will discuss common work responsibilities and tasks, and how to describe when and how often they

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Lesson 6: Responsibilities and Tasks Introduction Welcome to Lesson 6! In this lesson, we'll focus on vocabulary and phrases related to responsibilities and tasks in Spanish. We'll learn how to discuss duties, set goals, and delegate tasks in both personal and professional contexts. Learning Objectives By the end of this lesson, you should be able to: Understand and use vocabulary related to responsibilities and tasks. Discuss personal and professional duties in Spanish. Use the imperative mood to delegate tasks and set goals. Lesson Content Part 1: Vocabulary We'll start with vocabulary related to responsibilities and tasks. Examples include: Tarea (Task) Responsabilidad (Responsibility) Objetivo (Goal) Delegar (To delegate) Cumplir (To fulfill, to accomplish) Part 2: Discussing Responsibilities Next, we will introduce phrases and structures to discuss responsibilities, such as: "Mi responsabilidad es terminar el proyecto." (My responsibility is to finish the project.) "Tengo la tarea de organizar la reunión." (I have the task of organizing the meeting.) Part 3: Delegating Tasks and Setting Goals Lastly, we'll learn how to use the imperative mood to delegate tasks and set goals. For example: "Haz la presentación para la reunión." (Make the presentation for the meeting.) "Debemos alcanzar nuestro objetivo antes del viernes." (We should reach our goal before Friday.) Assessment At the end of the lesson, there will be a quiz to assess your understanding of the vocabulary and phrases learned in this lesson. Conclusion Understanding how to discuss responsibilities and tasks in Spanish is a crucial skill, especially in professional settings. Remember to practice the vocabulary and phrases introduced in this lesson to improve your fluency in Spanish. See you in the next lesson!

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