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Lesson on Present Indicative in Spanish Objectives of the lesson: √ Understand the usage and conjugation of the present indicative in Spanish. √ Learn the verb endings for each personal pronoun. √ Practice forming sentences in the present indicative. √ Duration: 1 hour (followed by additional exercises) Lesson Steps: Introduction (5 minutes): Briefly explain what the present indicative is and its function in the Spanish language. Mention that it is used to talk about actions in the present, habitual situations, and general facts. Verb Conjugation (10 minutes): Present the conjugation chart for regular verbs in the present indicative (-AR, -ER, -IR). Explain how to form the present indicative by adding the corresponding endings to the verb root. Provide examples for each conjugation. Guided Practice (15 minutes): Give students a set of regular verbs and ask them to conjugate them in the present indicative for different personal pronouns. Correct and explain any doubts they may have. Usage of the Present Indicative (10 minutes): Explain the different uses of the present indicative, such as actions in the present, habitual situations, and general facts. Provide examples of sentences in the present indicative and ask students to identify their usage. Sentence Construction Practice (15 minutes): Provide students with a list of situations or images and ask them to create sentences in the present indicative that describe what is happening in each case. Encourage them to use different personal pronouns and verbs. Summary and Questions (5 minutes): Briefly review the key points of the lesson and allow students to ask additional questions about the present indicative. After the one-hour lesson, additional exercises can be provided for students to practice independently. These exercises may include further verb conjugation practice, completing sentences with the appropriate verb in the present indicative, or writing short paragraphs using the present indicative.

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