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IGCSE. Working World.Introduction

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We will explore vocabulary and phrases related to activities we perform at home

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Lesson 1: Introduction to the Working World Lesson Objectives Understand the basic concepts of the working world. Learn essential work-related vocabulary. Lesson Content Part 1: Basic Concepts of the Working World In this section, we'll introduce the basic concepts of the working world. We'll discuss what a career is, what a job is, and how they differ. We'll also explore different types of jobs and work sectors. Part 2: Essential Work Vocabulary We'll learn some words and phrases that are commonly used in the workplace. This will include terms such as "employer," "employee," "job interview," "resume," and others. Activity: Vocabulary Matching Game To help memorize the new vocabulary, we'll play a matching game. On one side, we'll have the Spanish words, and on the other side, their English translations. The aim is to correctly match the words with their translations. Assessment To assess what has been learned in this lesson, students will complete a brief quiz that will review the key concepts and vocabulary. Homework The homework for this lesson will be to research a bit more about a work sector of interest and learn at least five new words related to that sector. At the end of the lesson, a list of resources will be provided for students to continue learning and practicing the vocabulary and concepts introduced in this lesson.

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