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House Chores. Daily Activities.

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we will discuss chores that are done at home and how they are divided.

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Introduction Welcome to Lesson 2! This lesson will cover vocabulary and phrases related to house chores in Spanish. We'll learn how to express routine cleaning tasks and responsibilities around the home. Learning Objectives By the end of this lesson, you should be able to: Understand and use vocabulary related to house chores. Discuss household responsibilities in Spanish. Use the present tense to talk about routine tasks. Lesson Content Part 1: Vocabulary We'll start with vocabulary related to house chores. Examples include: Limpiar (To clean) Barrer (To sweep) Fregar (To scrub, wash dishes) Cocinar (To cook) Lavar (To wash) Ordenar (To tidy up) Part 2: Discussing Household Responsibilities Next, we will introduce phrases and structures to discuss household responsibilities, such as: "Yo cocino y mi hermano friega los platos." (I cook and my brother washes the dishes.) "Todos los días barro el suelo." (Every day I sweep the floor.) Part 3: Using the Present Tense Lastly, we'll practice using the present tense to discuss routine tasks. This will include practicing regular and irregular verbs, and using them in the context of house chores. Assessment At the end of the lesson, there will be a quiz to assess your understanding of the vocabulary and present tense verb forms learned in this lesson. Conclusion Understanding how to discuss house chores in Spanish is a practical skill that can help you in daily life, especially when living with Spanish-speaking roommates or family members. Remember to practice the vocabulary and verb forms introduced in this lesson to improve your fluency in Spanish. See you in the next lesson!

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