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Family and Relationships

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Let´s talk about family and relationships

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Family and Relationships (Familia y Relaciones) Objectives: By the end of this lesson, you should be able to: Identify and use Spanish vocabulary related to family and relationships. Create sentences describing family members and their relationships. Vocabulary: Family - Familia Mother - Madre Father - Padre Sister - Hermana Brother - Hermano Grandmother - Abuela Grandfather - Abuelo Aunt - Tía Uncle - Tío Cousin - Primo/Prima Niece - Sobrina Nephew - Sobrino Wife - Esposa Husband - Esposo Daughter - Hija Son - Hijo Friend - Amigo/Amiga Relationship - Relación Phrases: I have one brother and two sisters - Tengo un hermano y dos hermanas. My mother's name is... - El nombre de mi madre es... My father is a doctor - Mi padre es médico. I am married/single - Estoy casado/soltero. She is my friend - Ella es mi amiga. Activities: Family Tree: Create a family tree and present it to the class, using the vocabulary and phrases learned in this lesson to describe each member and their relationship to you. Role Play: Pair up with a classmate and introduce your "family" to each other. Use pictures or drawings and the vocabulary from this lesson to describe each family member. Vocabulary Quiz: At the end of the lesson, there will be a short quiz to test your understanding and memory of the new vocabulary. Homework: Vocabulary Practice: Write a short paragraph in Spanish introducing your family using the vocabulary and phrases learned in the lesson. Listening Practice: Watch a family-themed movie or TV show in Spanish. Try to identify the vocabulary you've learned.

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