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Spanish at Work: Key Professional Terms for Business and Networking

Spanish at Work: Key Professional Terms for Business and Networking
Spanish at Work: Key Professional Terms for Business and Networking

What's up, Super Learners!

Miguel Marina here, your trusted Spanish Super Tutor, ready to give your professional Spanish a power-up. Before we boost your business vocabulary to superhero levels, make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter for daily doses of Spanish dynamism!

Let's kick things off with a little workplace humor:

Why did the report join a band? Because it wanted to rock the charts!

¿Por qué el informe se unió a una banda? ¡Porque quería rockear las gráficas!

I know, I know, I should stick to teaching Spanish, not comedy. 😅 But hey, a smile a day keeps the language barriers away!

Today's mission, should you choose to accept it, involves infiltrating the corporate world with key Spanish terms perfect for business and networking. Whether you're sealing deals or schmoozing at conferences, these words and phrases will have you talking shop like a boss.

Important Business Terms (Términos de Negocios Importantes):

  • Negocios (Business)

  • Empresa (Company)

  • Mercado (Market)

  • Estrategia (Strategy)

  • Objetivo (Goal/Objective)

Networking Nuggets (Joyas de Networking):

  • Conexiones (Connections)

  • Red de contactos (Network of contacts)

  • Tarjeta de presentación (Business card)

  • Reunión (Meeting)

  • Conferencia (Conference)

Email Essentials (Esenciales del Correo Electrónico):

  • Asunto (Subject)

  • Destinatario (Recipient)

  • Adjuntar (To attach)

  • Enviar (To send)

  • Responder (To reply)

Pitch Perfect (El Discurso Perfecto):

  • Presentación (Presentation)

  • Propuesta (Proposal)

  • Inversión (Investment)

  • Rentabilidad (Profitability)

  • Innovación (Innovation)

Office Lingo (Jerga de Oficina):

  • Jefe (Boss)

  • Departamento (Department)

  • Horario laboral (Working hours)

  • Salario (Salary)

  • Ascenso (Promotion)

Armed with these terms, you'll be navigating the corporate Spanish-speaking seas like a seasoned captain. And for those times when you need a little extra help, remember to drop by our YouTube channel ( for visual aids and our Spotify podcast ( for learning on-the-go.

With classes every day and a cadre of skilled teachers boasting accents from all over the Spanish-speaking world, you're on track to becoming a multilingual mogul.

So, Super Learners, remember, "Si estás buscando clases online de español en internet puedes encontrar muchas, pero si lo que quieres es aprender español, Spanish Super Tutor."

Let's get down to business, and may your professional Spanish endeavors be as successful as a well-executed business plan!

Adiós for now, and remember, in the world of business Spanish, you're not just closing deals, you're opening doors to new opportunities!

Miguel Marina (The Spanish Super Tutor)

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