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Valenttina Yureissi Miranda Martinez

Qualified Spanish Teacher

平均評等為 5 ,滿分 5 分, ,基於 3700 票, Hours taugh

Time Zone

Perú GMT -5




Hello, everyone! My name is Vale, and I'm your Spanish teacher for all levels. As a friendly, enthusiastic, and passionate language teacher with a focus on natural learning, I strive to create a stress-free environment where learning is enjoyable. I love understanding my students' interests to tailor programs accordingly and enhance their learning experience. My specialty lies in developing fluency through diverse topics. I'm excited to help you improve your Spanish skills, so let's work together to achieve your language goals.


In this world, there's nothing better than the freedom to express oneself. I want to help people express themselves in different contexts such as work, health, relationships, travel, and others, and not be afraid of what they face. My classes are enjoyable with continuous interaction between teacher and student, focusing on accurate and fluent learning, not just of the language, but of the culture and the world as well.


I'm Peruvian and I've been teaching for 8 years, working with both kids and adults. I'm constantly seeking better learning methods, always adapting to how people learn nowadays to make the process as easy and fast as possible. That's why I believe in the natural method, which has proven to be highly effective. While every method and teacher can work, it's important to find the one that fits perfectly for you

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