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Noemí Redondo

I am a qualified Spanish teacher. I have been teaching for nearly 20 years.

平均評等為 5 ,滿分 5 分, ,基於 3500 票, Hours taugh

Time Zone

Spain GMT +1




My name is Noemí and I am a qualified teacher at all levels. I love teaching and seeing how students progress. I like helping them and make it easier for them to understand Spanish in every aspect. We make a good team. Come and join me!!!


I chose to be a teacher because I enjoy inspiring students, fostering their curiosity, and making a positive impact on their lives through education. My Spanish lessons are always fun. They are structured, interactive, and utilize various digital tools to engage students and facilitate effective learning experiences

Other Interesting Facts

-Degree in Information Sciences with a specialization in journalism, University of Valladolid, (1997-2002) -National Distance Education University. University Expert in teaching Spanish as a Second Language (ELE),Spanish ( 2010 ) -Spanish Tutor as a Foreign Language teacher . (20 years of experience). Spoken languages: Native Spanish speaker, English and French.

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