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Online Workshop

Daily Activities. Routines

Spanish Masterclass where we will see daily routines. We will speak in the present tense and use reflexive verbs in Spanish as well as learn vocabulary that natives use and that is not usually used in schools.

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Daily Activities. Routines
Daily Activities. Routines


2023年12月07日 19:00 – GMT+8 20:30

Online Workshop


Welcome to this event ! 

In this introductory lesson, we'll focus on vocabulary and phrases related to morning activities in Spanish. 

We'll cover common expressions used to describe the start of the day, from waking up to heading off to work or school.

What is included in the masterclass?

In this masterclass is included a pdf with all the lesson we are going to see, also you are entitled to all the exercises and videos about this lesson. 

  • Un día en la vida de Pedro
  • Las rutinas mañaneras de Carlos
  • Verbos reflexivos en español
  • La vida en casa


Learning Objectives 

By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:  

Understand and use vocabulary related to morning activities. 

Describe your morning routine in Spanish. 

Use basic time expressions like "early", "late", "in the morning", etc. 

Lesson Content Part 1

Vocabulary We'll start with vocabulary related to morning activities. 

Examples include:  

  • Despertar (To wake up) Levantarse 
  • (To get up) Ducharse (To shower) 
  • Desayunar (To have breakfast) 
  • Vestirse (To get dressed) 
  • Salir (To leave) 
  • etc...

Part 2: Describing Morning Activities 

Next, we will introduce phrases and structures to describe morning activities, such as: 

  •  "Me despierto a las 7 de la mañana." (I wake up at 7 in the morning.) 
  • "Primero me ducho, luego desayuno." (First I shower, then I have breakfast.) 
  • etc...

Part 3: Time Expressions Lastly

we'll learn basic time expressions that are useful when talking about morning routines. 

For example:  

  • Temprano (Early) 
  • Tarde (Late) 
  • En la mañana (In the morning) 
  • Antes de (Before) 
  • Después de (After) 
  • etc...


  • 10分钟

    Masterclass presentation

  • 20分钟

    Reflexive verbs & Verbs

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