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IGCSE. Personal and Social Life

About the Course

Spanish Course: Personal and Social Life

Course Description

This Spanish course focuses on aspects of personal and social life, covering various topics such as travel and transportation, talking about oneself, family and friends, the house and its different parts, clothes and accessories, and leisure time. Each lesson introduces relevant vocabulary and common expressions in Spanish.

Students will learn about:

  • Self, Family, and Friends: Students will acquire vocabulary to describe themselves, their lives, as well as their family members and friends. This includes discussing professions, personalities, and types of relationships.

  • In the Home: Learners will become familiar with vocabulary concerning different areas of the house such as the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. They will learn to describe furniture and decorations, as well as aspects of the garden and various household appliances.

  • Colors: Students will learn to name and use color terms correctly in Spanish, which is essential for describing objects, clothing, and more.

  • Clothes and Accessories: The course will cover the necessary language for discussing different types of clothing and accessories. This will enable students to describe what they or someone else is wearing, and it will be particularly useful for shopping situations.

  • Leisure Time: Terms and phrases related to hobbies, sports, and other leisure activities will be explored. This will help students talk about their interests and the things they enjoy doing in their free time.

To assess their progress and ensure they have a firm grasp of the concepts taught, students will be tested through a final examination at the end of the course section. This exam will offer an opportunity for them to demonstrate their understanding of the vocabulary and phrases related to personal and social life in Spanish.

Upon completion of this section of the course, students should feel confident in their ability to discuss various aspects of their personal and social experiences in Spanish, which will significantly enhance their daily communication skills.


Lesson 1: Introducing Yourself

In this lesson, we will learn how to talk about ourselves in Spanish, introducing vocabulary and expressions to describe our likes, interests, and personal characteristics.

Lesson 2: The Family

This lesson focuses on the family, introducing vocabulary to describe family relationships and how to talk about our loved ones in Spanish.

Lesson 3: Friends

In lesson three, we will focus on how to talk about our friends in Spanish, including how to describe our friendships and activities we enjoy doing together.

Lesson 4: The House - Part 1

This lesson introduces vocabulary and phrases to talk about our house in general, including the different parts of the house.

Lesson 5: The House - Part 2

In lesson five, we will focus on furniture and appliances that we can find in our house, introducing relevant vocabulary and how to talk about them in Spanish.

Lesson 6: The House - Part 3

We will continue our tour of the house in lesson six, talking about household chores and daily routine at home.

Lesson 7: Clothing

In this lesson, we will focus on clothing, learning vocabulary and phrases to describe different types of clothes and accessories in Spanish.

Lesson 8: Travel and Transportation

This lesson focuses on travel and transportation, introducing vocabulary to talk about different types of transportation, travel planning, and travel experiences.

Lesson 9: Leisure Time

In lesson nine, we will talk about leisure time, introducing vocabulary and phrases to talk about hobbies, sports, and recreational activities in Spanish.

Lesson 10: Common Expressions

In the last lesson, we will review some common expressions in Spanish that you can use in your daily life, and how to incorporate them into conversations.

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