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In this course you will find numerous explanatory videos (in Spanish with English subtitles), videos/audios with listening comprehension exercises, texts for reading comprehension, PDFs, exercises for the improvement of the Present Tense in Spanish. The present indicative is a verb tense of the indicative mood that places an action at the moment of speech or in the very near future, describes a routine or actions that are repeated, or alludes to stable or permanent situations. In this course: → The use of the present indicative tense in Spanish → The present tense in Spanish is used to express: ✓ permanent facts and conditions; ✓ routines; ✓ the time that an action has been going on; ✓ future actions accompanied by a time marker. → How to conjugate the present indicative in Spanish ✓ AR, ER, IR endings → Irregular verbs of the present indicative tense in Spanish → Verbs with vowel change

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