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2024年1月31日 - 2024年3月31日


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More than 100 participants with a common goal LEARN SPANISH Six winners will receive an annual subscription to Spanish Super Tutor where they will learn Spanish fluently thanks to our method of interaction. What does the Spanish Squid Game consist of? The objective is to learn Spanish TESTS: We will have numerous tests, challenges, exercises, videos.... Participants will have to overcome to move to the next level Participant who does not complete the test will be eliminated. There is one test per day The tests are based on knowledge, news, study, puzzles, discipline and/or logic. All tests will be explained in Spanish ELIMINATIONS The time limit to finish the test is 24 hours, if you don't finish the test you will be eliminated. There will be eliminations by popular vote (Youtube, students of the school). GROUP: There is a group where you can talk to the other participants, ask for advice, help out. Participants will speak in Spanish in the group Participants who are eliminated may continue to participate in the group. DURATION The game will last two months in which you will learn a lot of Spanish Winners will get a year's subscription totally free and will become fluent in Spanish. Do you accept the challenge? Sign up now



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