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Your first Spanish course

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Level A1 for Spanish according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) has the following main features: Basic vocabulary related to personal information (name, age, family, work, etc), shopping, place of residence, environment. Around 300-500 words. Very basic grammar: present indicative (to be, to have, to live, etc), gender and number (masculine/feminine, singular/plural), personal pronouns, expressions of quantity (numbers, a lot/little, etc). Very basic listening and reading comprehension: instructions, directions, personal information, numbers, prices. Very short and simple texts. Speaking: introducing oneself, greeting, saying name, age, where one lives, describing basic things (colour, size), ordering in shops/restaurants. Short, isolated sentences. Oral interaction: greetings, introductions, basic questions and answers about personal information and immediate needs. Written expression: filling in a simple form with personal details, numbers and dates. Simple sentences. This is a very basic level focusing on everyday tasks and meeting immediate communication needs. The student has a very limited repertoire and control of the language.



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