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The man who had money and did not tell to his wife

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In this exercise you are going to answer certain questions that are in different verb tenses with the past predominating. The story. Gabriel may appear shy, but he is actually quite outgoing and always in a good mood. He has a great sense of style and never repeats his wardrobe, leading to jokes that his closet is bigger than a house. Despite being a Barcelona fan and his friend being a Real Madrid fan, they can still discuss soccer without any issues. Gabriel invites his friend to an expensive restaurant in Madrid, where they have a good but expensive meal. During their dinner, they talk about various topics, including finances and savings. Gabriel reveals that his wife and family are unaware of his true income and investments because they tend to spend money recklessly. While Gabriel earns 30,000 euros per month, his wife believes he only earns 3,000 euros. They save 1,500 euros, spend 1,000 euros on living expenses, and his wife keeps 500 euros for personal purchases. Gabriel admits that the more he earns, the more his wife spends, and his closet is dominated by his wife's bags. Despite their love for each other, they have conflicting views on how to use money. The reader is asked what they would do in a similar situation.

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