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The boys who stole melons

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Ejercicio de comprensión lectora donde vas a practicar los pasados en español y ciertas expresiones Resumen. The author reminisces about their childhood in the early 80's, highlighting the challenges they faced due to water and electricity cuts and lack of money. However, despite these difficulties, they emphasize the fun and camaraderie they experienced playing in the street. The author recalls Postas Street, a street filled with children who learned from one another and enjoyed various activities. Playing in the street taught them resilience and prepared them for social life from a young age. They remember a field behind the block of apartments where they would seek refuge and make huts during the summer. The author admits to stealing melons from an orchard with their friends, but distinguishes it from stealing for the sake of stealing or with violence. Their intention was simply to enjoy fresh and organic melons. One day, while picking melons, the group was chased by the guard of the orchard on a motorcycle. They managed to evade him, thanks in part to their habit of removing their shirts to avoid being recognized. Their friends helped cover up the melons, creating a disguise using t-shirts as camouflage. Once the guard left, they distributed the melons among the other children in the neighborhood and enjoyed their snack while playing in the street until late.



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