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We go to the movies

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The text describes the weekly routine of two siblings who are passionate about cinema. Every Friday, they go to the movies, a tradition that includes buying popcorn and sodas. Their love for popcorn is emphasized, and it's mentioned that on this occasion, they plan to see the latest film by their favorite director, Pedro Almodóvar. The cinema is their place of relaxation, enjoying the comfortable seats and the immersive audio-visual experience. After the movie, the siblings discuss what they've seen on their way home and then write a review on their film blog, "Movies You Might Like." This blog, which they have been writing for three years, has gained over 2000 followers and contains opinions on more than 200 movies, in addition to a forum for the reader community. Questions Description: The students are required to answer a series of multiple-choice questions based on the provided text. Each question has three possible answers, of which only one is correct. The questions cover various aspects mentioned in the text, such as the details of the siblings' movie-going routine, their tastes and preferences, the specific film and director they plan to see, and the description and activity related to their movie review blog. These questions are designed to assess the students' reading comprehension and their ability to recall specific details from the text.

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