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The boy who dated gis girlfriend´s sister

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Claudio is described as a good guy who is always there for his friends. He has been friends with the Martínez Molina sisters since elementary school. Claudio started dating Noelia, who is the younger sister of Laura. Both girls are described as attractive and they all seemed to be in love. However, Claudio never had the chance to meet Noelia's family in Chinchón. Meanwhile, at a college party, Claudio met Laura, Noelia's sister, and they were attracted to each other. Claudio told Laura that he didn't have a girlfriend, and she said she liked him too. They arranged to meet again at a party in Madrid the following week. Claudio then lied to Noelia about having to work for the university and couldn't see her on Saturday. On the day of the party, Claudio and Laura met, danced, kissed, and had a great time at the concert. They then went to dinner where they were joined by Laura's sister, who was actually Claudio's girlfriend. The story ends on a cliffhanger, leaving the outcome unknown.



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