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La familia García

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Here are the objectives of the lesson translated into English: Vocabulary Expansion: Help students learn and memorize Spanish vocabulary related to family and personal relationships. Reading Comprehension: Improve students' ability to understand and process information in Spanish through reading texts. Sentence Construction: Practice students' ability to construct sentences in Spanish using the new vocabulary correctly. Conversation and Pronunciation: Encourage speaking skills in Spanish by using the learned vocabulary in conversations and role-playing, thus enhancing their pronunciation and fluency. Culture and Social Context: Provide students with insight into family structures and social relationships in Spanish-speaking countries. Practical Application: Enable students to apply vocabulary in practical situations, such as describing their own families or those of others, promoting a personal connection with the language. Cognitive Skills: Develop critical thinking skills by analyzing texts and answering specific questions about the content. Empathy and Intercultural Understanding: Increase empathy and intercultural understanding by learning about family dynamics in different cultures.



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