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A bucket with hundreds of crickets

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You are going to read a text and answer the questions. Verbs in → Conditional → Imperfect subjunctive In this story, the author recounts a childhood memory of hunting for crickets in the countryside with their brother. They share the method of catching crickets by pouring water into their burrows and using a straw to frighten them out. The children collect a bucketful of crickets with the intention of taming them and staging a circus show. However, they soon realize that taming the crickets is impossible. With their parents away and their grandmother unaware, they bring the bucket of crickets home. When the crickets escape from the bucket, chaos ensues, as the crickets jump all over the house. The continuous noise of the crickets causes annoyance, but the author and their brother find humor in the situation. The story ends with a nostalgic reflection on the joys and innocence of childhood.



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