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Meals & Drinks. Area A. IGCSE Spanish Exam

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Area A of the IGCSE Spanish exam is intended for daily activities. A Everyday activities • Time expressions (e.g. telling the time, days, days of the week, months, seasons) • Food and drink (e.g. meals, fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and seafood, snacks, drinks, cutlery and utensils) • The human body and health (e.g. parts of the body, health and illness) • Travel and transport In this program I have created a few exercises where you will better understand the first part of this program. FOOD AND MEALS You will learn vocabulary that will be very helpful for your exams LISTENING, READING, SPEAKING AND WRITING COMIDAS Y BEBIDAS (FOOD AND DRINKS) → Vocabulary → Grammar → Verbs & expressions → Meals → Snacks → Fruits and vegetables → Meat, fish & seafood → Ingredients → Drinks → Adjectives → Cutlery and utensils →

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